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About Me

I'm a computer scientist and software developer. I've a masters degree in computer science and I'm currently a PhD candidate at Unicamp. My research interests include distributed systems, middleware and operating systems. I'm also totally addicted to the power of free software.

I've have been involved as user or contributor in some free software projects. Past projects include:

Currently I'm more involved in my PhD research, obviously published as free software (check the Work link in the nav bar). I also help manage and configure a bunch a Fedora boxes for friends and family.

I'm predominantly interested in technology, and that's the main subject of these pages. However, I'm still mostly human. To prove it, some raw data: I live in Brazil, I'm thirty something, I have a gorgeous wife and enjoy books and movies, especially the ones not everyone else seems to like.


If you want to reach me, you can e-mail me at gustavo at sagui.org or you can IM me at gustavo at sagui.org. Pretty neat, isn't? :)

My GPG key is here. You can also download it from a keyserver, key id 2721A3AF, fingerprint 66F8 939C FBE2 F506 0C68 2F85 CB32 B727 2721 A3AF. I use this key to sign the RPM packages I make.

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