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Wed, 04 Mar 2009

GTalk TLS Handshake Bug

Since late February I stopped seeing my GTalk friends in my IM client. I use a personal Jabber server (jabberd2) and all its connections to the GTalk servers were being dropped. After some investigation in the web, I found that Google:

The end result was that my server could not establish an encrypted connection with GTalk servers. Here is a very informative bug report.

As GTalk connectivity is very important for any open Jabber server, many servers have published workarounds for the problem. Here is a patch for jabberd2. A new release ( of jabberd2 was also made to address the issue.

I have jabberd2 2.2.4 in my server. For some reason, I could not make work because of some problems with the Berkeley DB back end. I ended up applying this patch to 2.2.4 and it fixed the problem. I also created a bug report in the Fedora Bugzilla, so maybe a fixed package will be pushed as an update.

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